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Composition of the cement line and its possible mechanical role as a local interface in human compact bone.
Human compact bone may be viewed as a fiber reinforced composite material in which the secondary osteons act as the fiber reinforcements. The cement line, which is the interface between the 'fibers'Expand
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Blood vessels and tissue space associated with the brain of the rat.
Tissues from adult Sprague-Dawley rats fixed by perfusion with buffered aldehydes for a combined study of the vascular system of the brain are described in light and electron microscopy. In theseExpand
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Fate of nerve fibers in necrotic, healing, and healed rat myocardium.
Myocardial infarction, myocardial scar tissue formation, and cardiac arrhythmogenesis seem to be associated. There are electrophysiological data suggesting that myocardial nerves are involved inExpand
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The mineralization of elastic fibers and alterations of extracellular matrix in pseudoxanthoma elasticum. Ultrastructure, immunocytochemistry, and X-ray analysis.
Histologic paraffin sections of pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE)-involved skin of forearm and axilla were used for histochemistry and immunohistochemical and analytical electron microscopy to study theExpand
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The subdural space interpreted as a cellular layer of meninges
The subdural region within the cranial meninges is examined in guinea pigs by electron microscopy. The fine structures of the arachnoid membrane and dura are described separately in specimens thatExpand
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High-voltage electron microscopy of extracellular fibrillogenesis.
High-voltage electron microscopy was employed to observe developing extracellular connective tissue elements in the cervical perinotochordal and perivertebral regions in the chick embryo from 2Expand
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Morphology of the osteonal cement line in human bone
While current consensus suggests the absence of collagen in osteonal cement lines, the extent of cement line mineralization and the nature of the ground substance within the cement line are unclear.Expand
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Nerve fibers in human myocardial scars.
The relationships between ischemic heart disease, myocardial scars, ventricular nerve fibers, and ventricular arrhythmias have not been established despite considerable evidence suggesting importantExpand
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Connective tissue cells in healing rat myocardium. A study of cell reactions in rhythmically contracting environment.
To better understand the tendency of myocardium to heal by scarring rather than regeneration, the authors examined the responses of connective tissue cells (CTCs) after three types of necrotizingExpand
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Intracast muscle stimulation prevents bone and cartilage deterioration in cast-immobilized rabbits.
Tibial articular cartilage and the knee meniscus from cast-immobilized rabbits whose quadriceps were electrically stimulated for 17 days were compared with those from cast-immobilized rabbits withoutExpand
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