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Phylogenetic Analysis and Comparative Data: A Test and Review of Evidence
The question is often raised whether it is statistically necessary to control for phylogenetic associations in comparative studies. To investigate this question, we explore the use of a measure ofExpand
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What Is the Allee Effect
W. C. Allee brought attention to the possibility of a positive relationship between aspects of fitness and population size over fifty years ago. This phenomenon, frequently termed the Allee effect,Expand
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Why do we still use stepwise modelling in ecology and behaviour?
We show that stepwise regression allows models containing significant predictors to be obtained from each year's data. Expand
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Oligotyping: differentiating between closely related microbial taxa using 16S rRNA gene data
Bacteria comprise the most diverse domain of life on Earth, where they occupy nearly every possible ecological niche and play key roles in biological and chemical processes. Studying the compositionExpand
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Dealing with collinearity in behavioural and ecological data: model averaging and the problems of measurement error
There has been a great deal of recent discussion of the practice of regression analysis (or more generally, linear modelling) in behaviour and ecology. In this paper, I wish to highlight two factorsExpand
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The role of ecological theory in microbial ecology
Microbial ecology is currently undergoing a revolution, with repercussions spreading throughout microbiology, ecology and ecosystem science. The rapid accumulation of molecular data is uncoveringExpand
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Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystem Functions.
Accelerating rates of environmental change and the continued loss of global biodiversity threaten functions and services delivered by ecosystems. Much ecosystem monitoring and management is focusedExpand
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Coral reef cascades and the indirect effects of predator removal by exploitation
Fisheries exploitation provides the opportunity to examine the ecosystem-scale biodiversity consequences of predator removal. We document predatory reef fish densities, coral-eating starfishExpand
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On the misuse of residuals in ecology: regression of residuals vs. multiple regression
Summary 1. Residuals from linear regressions are used frequently in statistical analysis, often for the purpose of controlling for unwanted effects in multivariable datasets. This paper criticizesExpand
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