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A photographic investigation into the disintegration of liquid sheets
The types of apparatus used to produce liquid sheets are classified according to the manner in which the energy is imparted to the liquid. The factors influencing the development, stability andExpand
The atomization of a liquid sheet by an impinging air stream
Abstract An investigation has been carried out into the processes of drop formation from liquid sheets of controlled thickness by an air blast at approximately 90°. The results may be summarized asExpand
The filming of liquids by spinning cups
Abstract An investigation has been made of the flow characteristics of sheets produced from spinning cups. Expressions are presented and experimentally confirmed for the conditions of sheetExpand
Liquid fuel atomization
Sorbsan calcium alginate fibre dressings in footcare.
This report outlines the successful application of Sorbsan-calcium alginate fibre dressings in footcare and shows that similar promise has been demonstrated for this material in ongoing trials in hospitals in Sunderland. Expand
Photographic Investigation of Flame Movements in Gaseous Explosions. Parts IV, V, and VI
In Part III of our previous memoir* upon “ Flame Movements in Carbonic Oxide-Oxygen Explosions ” experiments were described showing certain effects of superimposed “ shock waves ” uponExpand
The mechanisms of disintegration of liquid sheets in cross-current air streams
A photographic study has been made of the disintegration of thin circular liquid sheets in air streams flowing normal to the liquid sheet. The results may be summarised as follows: (1) TwoExpand