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It Still Takes A Candidate: Why Women Don't Run for Office
1. Electoral politics: still a man's world? 2. Explaining women's emergence in the political arena 3. The gender gap in political ambition 4. Barefoot, pregnant, and holding a law degree: familyExpand
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To Run or Not to Run for Office: Explaining Nascent Political Ambition
In this article, we develop the concept of nascent political ambition and offer the first empirical assessment of potential candidates' initial interest in seeking elective office. Our analysis isExpand
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Entering the Arena? Gender and the Decision to Run for Office
A critical void in the research on women’s underrepresentation in elective office is an analysis of the initial decision to run for office. Based on data from our Citizen Political Ambition Study,Expand
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Gendered Perceptions and Political Candidacies: A Central Barrier to Women's Equality in Electoral Politics
Based on the second wave of the Citizen Political Ambition Panel Study, we provide the first thorough analysis of how gender affects women and men’s efficacy to run for office. Our findings revealExpand
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Uncovering the Origins of the Gender Gap in Political Ambition
Based on survey responses from a national random sample of nearly 4,000 high school and college students, we uncover a dramatic gender gap in political ambition. This finding serves as strikingExpand
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If Only They’d Ask: Gender, Recruitment, and Political Ambition
Based on data from the second wave of the Citizen Political Ambition Panel Study—our national survey of more than 2,000 “potential candidates” in 2008—we provide the first thorough analysis of theExpand
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Gender and Local Government: A Comparison of Women and Men City Managers.
Do women city managers view their role differently than their male counterparts? Do women offer a style of city management different from men? Does the inclusion of women in the highest positions ofExpand
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The Role of Candidate Sex in Voter Decision-Making
Recent studies investigating the role of candidate sex in voter decision-making have not found discrimination against women candidates. Thus, voter bias is often dismissed as part of the explanationExpand
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Political Participation of the Urban Poor
Although exploring the political participation of the poor is of paramount significance in the current social policy and welfare environment, the dearth of quantitative, in-depth analysis speaks toExpand
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Mentoring Experiences of Women City Managers
Recent research has explored differences in the experiences of women and men public officials. Overlooked in these examinations is the position of city manager—a significant position in terms ofExpand
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