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Palaeontological evidence bearing on global Ordovician-Silurian continental reconstructions
Abstract The discreteness or otherwise of major Ordovician and Silurian terranes can be recognised by the shallow-water benthic faunas which lived upon them. Their borders are often indicated by theExpand
Disparity as an evolutionary index; a comparison of Cambrian and Recent arthropods
Disparity is a measure of the range or significance of morphology in a given sample of organisms, as opposed to diversity, which is expressed in terms of the number (and sometimes ranking) of taxa.Expand
Faunal evidence for oceanic separations in the Palaeozoic of Britain
The faunal criteria for the recognition of the relative separation of old continents are: 1, the contrast between shallow- (not deep-) water faunas off opposite shorelines; 2, the recognition ofExpand
A revision of Ordovician series and stages from the historical type area
This paper is a revision of the standard chronostratigraphy of the Ordovician of the historical type area in England and Wales. The revision is a response to the need for more precise definitions ofExpand
The Cambrian evolutionary ‘explosion’: decoupling cladogenesis from morphological disparity
Evidence is presented that the important events in the generation of clades were earlier than the Cambrian ‘explosion’, at which time the groups become manifest in the fossil record. Expand
Evolutionary explosions and the phylogenetic fuse.
Molecular evidence indicates that prolonged periods of evolutionary innovation and cladogenesis lit the fuse long before the `explosions' apparent in the fossil record. Expand
A revised correlation of Ordovician Rocks in the British Isles
This Report is revised and expanded from the 1972 publication providing an up-to-the-minute account of the British Ordovician formations and their correlation nationally and internationally. It alsoExpand
Stratigraphy of the Anthropocene
The Anthropocene, an informal term used to signal the impact of collective human activity on biological, physical and chemical processes on the Earth system, is assessed using stratigraphic criteria and includes geologically novel aspects and geologically will have permanent effects. Expand