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A geometrical tree volume model based on the location of the centre of gravity of the bole
A tree bole model describing a geometrical form in between a paraboloid and cone "paracone" has been developed. The model is based on empirical evidence that the average centre of gravity of aspenExpand
The relative importance of competition, microsite, and climate in controlling the stem taper and profile shape in jack pine
The purpose of this study was to identify the relative importance that environmental factors have on the taper and profile shape of mature jack pine (Pinusbanksiana Lamb.) stems. A total of 60Expand
Application of a geometrical volume equation to species with different bole forms
Stem analysis of 20 Abiesbalsamea (L.) Mill., 68 Piceamariana (Mill.) B.S.P., 19 Piceaglauca (Moench) Voss, 31 Populustremuloides Michx., and 37 Betulapapyrifera Marsh. revealed form variationExpand
The power function as a simple stem profile examination tool
Formulae are presented for calculating the volume, surface area, centre of gravity, centre of mass, form, taper, and instantaneous slope of the power function. A profile plotting technique is also ...
A Logical Alternative to the Existing Positional Number System
This article introduces an alternative positional number system. The advantages of this alternative system over the existing one are discussed, and an illustration of the use of the system toExpand
A field-oriented competition index for young jack pine plantations and a computerized decision tool for vegetation management
A field-oriented competition index (Shade Index) was developed using a series of mensurational measurements on competitors surrounding individual jack pine seedlings. This index and accompanyingExpand
Comparison of centroid and paracone estimates of tree volume
The use of the centroid and paracone methods for deriving the volume of 957 sample trees from four data sets was compared. The four data sets were as follows: Australian radiata pine (Pinusradiata D.Expand
Nondestructive volume estimates of 11-year-old jack pine and black spruce using the power function volume model
Two methods for estimating the total outside-bark stem volume of all trees in young plantations of jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) and black spruce (Picea mariana [Mill.] B.S.P.) were compared. TheExpand