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Population structure of Ascochyta rabiei in Australia based on STMS fingerprints
Nineteen sequence-tagged microsatellite site (STMS) primer pairs were used to determine the genetic structure within an Australian population of Ascochyta rabiei collected from Victoria, SouthExpand
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A novel pathogenesis-related protein (LcPR4a) from lentil, and its involvement in defence against Ascochyta lentis
A novel pathogenesis-related protein 4 (PR4) encoding gene, LcPR4a, was induced in Lens culinaris following Ascochyta lentis infection. LcPR4a encodes a predicted 146 amino acid protein of 15.8 kDa.Expand
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Genotypic diversity and migration of clonal lineages of Botrytis cinerea from chickpea fields of Bangladesh inferred by microsatellite markers
An analysis of allelic diversity at nine microsatellite loci provided an insight into the population structure of Botrytis cinerea from four fields (sampled in 2003 and 2004) that representedExpand
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DNA fingerprinting and genetic relationships of potato cultivars (Solanum tuberosum L.) commercially grown in Australia
DNA fingerprints of 64 potato cultivars that are commercially grown in Australia were generated using PCR-based RAPD analysis. All 64 cultivars were differentiated by banding patterns obtained fromExpand
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The application of RAPD markers for potato cultivar identification
Where morphological techniques had failed, closely related potato cultivars were differentiated using random amplified polymophic DNA (RAPD) analysis based on the polymerase chain reaction. TotalExpand
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Development of a multiplex PCR diagnostic assay for the detection of Stagonosporopsis species associated with ray blight of Asteraceae
Ray blight, a destructive disease of Asteraceae worldwide, is caused by three morphologically similar but phylogenetically distinct species; Stagonosporopsis chrysanthemi, S. inoxydabilis and S.Expand
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Pancreaticogastrostomy: preferred reconstruction for Whipple resection.
Anastomotic leak is the main complication after Whipple procedures. We reviewed retrospectively our experience with pancreatic cancer patients treated with Whipple resection and reconstruction with aExpand
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A large outbreak of shigellosis commencing in an internally displaced population, Papua New Guinea, 2013.
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate a large outbreak of shigellosis in Papua New Guinea that began in a camp for internally displaced persons before spreading throughout theExpand
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Determination of fecal contamination indicator sterols in an Australian water supply system
This paper reports a reconnaissance survey of the concentrations of sterol compounds (as indicators of fecal contamination) in a large water supply system in southeast Australia comprising a networkExpand
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Genetics of resistance to Mycosphaerella pinodes in Lathyrus sativus
Three Lathyrus sativus accessions were screened for their reaction to Mycosphaerella pinodes infection. Accession ATC 80878 displayed the lowest percentage stem lesion values (%SL) and wasExpand
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