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Prolonged fluid shear stress induces a distinct set of endothelial cell genes, most specifically lung Krüppel-like factor (KLF2).
The endothelium expresses a large repertoire of genes under apparent transcriptional control of biomechanical forces, many of which are neither cell-type nor flow specific. We set out to identifyExpand
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Maintenance of vascular endothelial cell-specific properties after immortalization with an amphotrophic replication-deficient retrovirus containing human papilloma virus 16 E6/E7 DNA.
Primary human vascular endothelial cells were immortalized by the integration of a single DNA copy of an amphotrophic, replication-deficient retrovirus containing the E6/E7 genes of human papillomaExpand
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VEGF release by MMP-9 mediated heparan sulphate cleavage induces colorectal cancer angiogenesis.
Angiogenesis is crucial for the progression of colorectal carcinomas in which the bioavailability of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) plays a major role. VEGF bioavailability is regulated byExpand
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Fluid shear stress stimulates incorporation of hyaluronan into endothelial cell glycocalyx.
Vascular endothelial cells are shielded from direct exposure to flowing blood by the endothelial glycocalyx, a highly hydrated mesh of glycoproteins, sulfated proteoglycans, and associatedExpand
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The apolipoprotein L gene cluster has emerged recently in evolution and is expressed in human vascular tissue.
We previously isolated APOL3 (CG12-1) cDNA and now describe the isolation of APOL1 and APOL2 cDNA from an activated endothelial cell cDNA library and show their endothelialspecific expression inExpand
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Domains involved in multimer assembly of von willebrand factor (vWF): multimerization is independent of dimerization.
The precursor protein of von Willebrand factor (pro‐vWF) consist of four repeated domains, denoted D1‐D2‐D'‐D3‐A1‐A2‐A3‐D4‐B1‐B2‐B3‐C1‐C2. The domains D1 and D2 constitute the amino‐terminalExpand
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The Human Kinesin-Like Protein RB6K Is under Tight Cell Cycle Control and Is Essential for Cytokinesis
ABSTRACT Several members of the kinesin superfamily are known to play a prominent role in the motor-driven transport processes that occur in mitotic cells. Here we describe a new mitotic humanExpand
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Furin is a subtilisin-like proprotein processing enzyme in higher eukaryotes
The human fur gene encodes a protein, designated furin, the C-terminal half of which contains a transmembrane and a cysteine-rich receptor-like domain. The N-terminal half of furin exhibits strikingExpand
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Kruppel-like factor 2 improves neovascularization capacity of aged proangiogenic cells.
AIMS Coronary artery disease (CAD) patients have less circulating proangiogenic cells (PACs), formerly known as endothelial progenitor cells, which exhibit impaired neovascularization properties.Expand
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Vascular endothelial genes that are responsive to tumor necrosis factor-alpha in vitro are expressed in atherosclerotic lesions, including inhibitor of apoptosis protein-1, stannin, and two novel
Activation and dysfunction of endothelial cells play a prominent role in patho-physiological processes such as atherosclerosis. We describe the identification by differential display of 106Expand
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