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Punching of column footings - comparison of experimental and calculation results
The column punching through the slab is most often related to floor structures, and less often to foundation slabs under columns. Calculation models for these two problems are often not separated.
Durability design of concrete structures, Part 1: Analysis fundamentals
Concrete structures (CS) are designed so that they can satisfy requirements regarding safety, serviceability, durability and aesthetics throughout their design service life. Present design procedures
Numerical simulation of the pile integrity test on defected piles
This paper deals with the development of a discrete numerical 2D and 3D solid pile model with a discontinuity and defects to simulate non-destructive testing using the pile integrity test (PIT). The
Experimental Research on Polymer Modified Concrete
Some results from experimental research on polymer modified concrete are presented concerning the testing of fresh and hardened concrete, as well as determination of optimal curing conditions. Latex
Identification of Modal Parameters of Bridges Using Ambient Vibration Measurements
The paper provides an overview of ambient vibration tests and numerical analysis performed in the framework of Project NATO SfP 983828. The aim of the research is the definition of the dynamic
An overview of modern seismic analyses with different ways of damping introduction
Damping has been systematized based on the way it was introduced into calculations, i.e. over material damping, link element damping and damping directly introduced into the analyses which are conducted in capacitive, time and frequency domains and the aspects of damping modelling in structural analysis are presented.
Rigidity of precast plate-monolithic wall connection
Experimental research of precast plate-monolithic wall connection within specific system developed in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 80’s named “MMS” building system, is presented. System MMS is