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Development, Freedom, and Rising Happiness: A Global Perspective (1981–2007)
Data from representative national surveys carried out from 1981 to 2007 show that happiness rose in 45 of the 52 countries for which substantial time-series data were available, and regression analyses suggest that that the extent to which a society allows free choice has a major impact on happiness.
The Signs of Deconsolidation
In recent years, parties and candidates challenging key democratic norms have won unprecedented popular support in liberal democracies across the globe. Drawing on public opinion data from the World
The Danger of Deconsolidation: The Democratic Disconnect
Abstract: The citizens of wealthy, established democracies are less satisfied with their governments than they have been at any time since opinion polling began. Most scholars have interpreted this
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: clinical, therapeutic, and prognostic features.
It is indicated that in CLL, AHA is a rare event with no independent effect on survival for which steroids, associated with CB if required, and a careful management of infections may successfully control the 2 conditions.
Standardized MRD quantification in European ALL trials: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on MRD assessment in Kiel, Germany, 18–20 September 2008
A panel of representatives of all major European study groups on childhood and adult ALL and of international experts on PCR- and flow cytometry-based MRD assessment developed recommendations on the minimal technical requirements that should be fulfilled before implementation of MRD diagnostics into clinical trials.
BCR ligation induced by IgM stimulation results in gene expression and functional changes only in IgV H unmutated chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells.
A differential genotypic and functional response to BCR ligation between IgV(H) M and UM cases is operational in CLL, indicating that response to antigenic stimulation plays a pivotal role in disease progression.
Methodology of the Indices of Social Development
In recent years, international organizations, think-tanks, and the social sciences have contributed to a dramatic expansion in the range of composite indices measuring concepts such as human
The Krüppel-like factor 2 transcription factor gene is recurrently mutated in splenic marginal zone lymphoma
The Kruppel-like factor 2 transcription factor gene is recurrently mutated in splenic marginal zone lymphoma and has been linked to atypical prognosis in patients with central giant cell lymphoma.
Bendamustine in combination with Ofatumumab in relapsed or refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a GIMEMA Multicenter Phase II Trial
BendOfa is feasible and effective in relapsed/refractory CLL patients, including patients with high-risk clinical and biological features, according to a phase II, noncomparative, open-label, multicenter GIMEMA study.
Understanding the Russian Malaise: The Collapse and Recovery of Subjective Well-Being in Post-Communist Russia
This article analyzes the decline of subjective well-being and a sense of national self-esteem among the Russian people that was linked with the collapse of the communist economic, political and