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Forced expiratory flows and volumes in infants. Normative data and lung growth.
Forced expiratory flows (FEF) can be measured in infants from lung volumes initiated near total lung capacity. In order to establish reference values and to evaluate lung growth, we obtainedExpand
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Adult‐type pulmonary function tests in infants without respiratory disease
A new method that permits the measurement of adult‐type maximal expiratory flow‐volume curves and fractional lung volumes in sedated infants was recently described. The purpose of this study was toExpand
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Bronchodilator responsiveness in normal infants and young children.
UNLABELLED Several studies have demonstrated that normal infants exhibit bronchoconstriction after inhalation of nonspecific agonists and that the induced airway narrowing can be reversed by theExpand
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A comparison of the therapeutic effectiveness of and preference for postural drainage and percussion, intrapulmonary percussive ventilation, and high-frequency chest wall compression in hospitalized
INTRODUCTION Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients have abnormally viscid bronchial secretions that cause airway obstruction, inflammation, and infection that leads to lung damage. To enhance airwayExpand
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Functional residual capacity (FRC) measurements by plethysmography and helium dilution in normal infants
Comparative measurements of functional residual capacity (FRC) made by plethysmography (FRCpleth) and by helium dilution (FRCHe) were obtained on 27 infants and young children without known pulmonaryExpand
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Volume-monitored chest CT: a simplified method for obtaining motion-free images near full inspiratory and end expiratory lung volumes
BackgroundLung inflation and respiratory motion during chest CT affect diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility.ObjectiveTo describe a simple volume-monitored (VM) method for performing reproducible,Expand
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Lungs in infants and young children: improved thin-section CT with a noninvasive controlled-ventilation technique--initial experience.
Three sedated young children underwent thin-section computed tomography (CT) of the chest while breathing and during controlled respiratory pauses induced by means of a step increase inExpand
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Flow limitation in normal infants: a new method for forced expiratory maneuvers from raised lung volumes.
Forced expiratory maneuvers generated by rapid thoracic compression have been used to assess airway function in infants. It remains unclear whether flow limitation can be achieved in healthy infantsExpand
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Changes in Pulmonary Function and Controlled Ventilation-High Resolution CT of Chest After Antibiotic Therapy in Infants and Young Children with Cystic Fibrosis
BackgroundInfants with cystic fibrosis (CF) develop early progressive lung disease which may be asymptomatic. Infant pulmonary function tests (IPFT) and controlled ventilation-high resolutionExpand
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Changes in stop ventilation HRCT of chest following antibiotics in infants with pulmonary exacerbation of cystic fibrosis
Progressive lung disease plays an important role in CF morbidity. CF exacerbations are associated with worsening pulmonary structural changes in infants but reversal of such changes after i/vExpand
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