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Price and Income Elasticities of Residential Water Demand: A Meta-Analysis
This article presents a meta-analysis of variations in price and income elasticities of residential water demand. Meta-analysis constitutes an adequate tool to synthesize research results by means ofExpand
Simple diagnostic tests for spatial dependence
In this paper we propose simple diagnostic tests, based on ordinary least-squares (OLS) residuals, for spatial error autocorrelation in the presence of a spatially lagged dependent variable and forExpand
The Empirics of Wetland Valuation: A Comprehensive Summary and a Meta-Analysis of the Literature
Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems, providing a number of goods and services that are of value to people. The open-access nature and the public-good characteristics of wetlands often result inExpand
Space and Growth: A Survey of Empirical Evidence and Methods
This paper reviews the empirical literature on growth and convergence that has addressed the importance of spatial factors. An important distinction in this literature is the one between absolute andExpand
Specification Searches in Spatial Econometrics: The Relevance of Hendry's Methodology
This paper brings together a number of new specification search strategies in spatial econometric modeling. Expand
The value of statistical life in road safety: a meta-analysis.
Costs of accidents make up an important part of the total external cost of traffic. A substantial proportion of accident costs is related to fatal accidents. In the evaluation of fatal accident costsExpand
A Meta-Analysis of B-Convergence: The Legendary 2%
The topic of convergence is at the heart of a wide-ranging debate in the growth literature, and empirical studies of convergence differ widely in their theoretical backgrounds, empiricalExpand
Small Sample Properties of Tests for Spatial Dependence in Regression Models: Some Further Results
It has now been more than two decades since Cliff and Ord (1972) and Hordijk (1974) applied the principle of Moran’s Itest for spatial autocorrelation to the residuals of regression models forExpand
Capital-Energy Substitution and Shifts in Factor Demand: A Meta-Analysis
This paper presents a meta-analysis of capital-energy substitution elasticities. We distinguish between Morishima elasticities, which measure technological substitution potential, and cross-priceExpand