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The Design of Experiments
001: On an Absolute Criterion for Fitting Frequency Curves.
1. If we set ourselves the problem, in its essence one of frequent occurrence, of finding the arbitrary elements in a function of known form, which best suit a set of actual observations we are met
Statistical Methods, Experimental Design, and Scientific Inference
Foreword Statistical methods for research workers The design of experiments Statistical methods and scientific inference.
A fuller theory of “Junctions” in inbreeding
THE theory of junctions was first put forward in the third chapter of my book The Theory of Inbreeding, published in It is set out in Section 14, pages 49-61. Since that time further examination of
The Influence of Rainfall on the Yield of Wheat at Rothamsted
At the present time very little can be claimed to be known as to the effects of weather upon farm crops. The obscurity of the subject, in spite of its immense importance to a great national industry,
Design of Experiments