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Dispersion on a sphere
  • R. Fisher
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    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 7 May 1953
Any topological framework requires the development of a theory of errors of characteristic and appropriate mathematical form. The paper develops a form of theory which appears to be appropriate to
On the Mathematical Foundations of Theoretical Statistics
Centre of Location. That abscissa of a frequency curve for which the sampling errors of optimum location are uncorrelated with those of optimum scaling. (9.)
Limiting forms of the frequency distribution of the largest or smallest member of a sample
The limiting distribution, when n is large, of the greatest or least of a sample of n , must satisfy a functional equation which limits its form to one of two main types. Of these one has, apart from
The Advanced Theory of Statistics
THIS very handsomely produced volume is one which it will be a pleasure to any mathematical statistician to possess. Mr. Kendall is indeed to be congratulated on the energy and, unswerving
The Relation Between the Number of Species and the Number of Individuals in a Random Sample of an Animal Population
Part 1. It is shown that in a large collection of Lepidoptera captured in Malaya the frequency of the number of species represented by different numbers of individuals fitted somewhat closely to a
Theory of Statistical Estimation
It has been pointed out to me that some of the statistical ideas employed in the following investigation have never received a strictly logical definition and analysis, and it is desirable to set out for criticism the manner in which the logical foundations of these ideas may be established.