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Entanglement of Gaussian states and the applicability to quantum key distribution over fading channels
A method of fading discrimination and subsequent post-selection of the corresponding sub-states is introduced and it is shown that it can improve the entanglement resource and restore the security of the key distribution over a realistic fading link.
Optical Synthesis of Large-Amplitude Squeezed Coherent-State Superpositions with Minimal Resources.
A novel versatile protocol that allows the quantum state engineering of heralded optical coherent-state superpositions and will facilitate the use of suchsuperpositions in subsequent protocols, including fundamental tests and optical hybrid quantum information implementations.
Long-distance continuous-variable quantum key distribution with efficient channel estimation
A double-modulation protocol is proposed which allows using each state for both channel estimation and key distribution and optimize the parameters of the protocol and considers squeezed as well as coherent states as a signal.
Overlap and entanglement-witness measurements
A feasible device for measurement of fidelity, overlap, purity, and Hilbert-Schmidt distance of two mixed states is proposed. In addition, this device realizes a decomposable entanglement
Probabilistic Cloning of Coherent States without a Phase Reference
An intriguing feature is that the trade-off between success rate and achieved fidelity can be optimized even after the cloning procedure, and the cloner is capable of outperforming the hitherto best-performing deterministic scheme.
Continuous-variable entanglement distillation of non-Gaussian mixed states
This paper uses linear optical components, homodyne measurements, and classical communication to distill the entanglement, and finds that by using this method the entangled states can be probabilistically increased for some specific non-Gaussian noise channels.
Generating superposition of up-to three photons for continuous variable quantum information processing.
In this experiment, superposition states of zero to three photons, namely advanced versions of superpositions of two and three coherent states are generated, fully compatible with developed quantum teleportation and measurement-based quantum operations with cw lasers.
Noise-powered probabilistic concentration of phase information
Amplifying a signal usually also amplifies the noise. A quantum-state amplifier is now demonstrated that can actually decrease uncertainty about the state’s phase. Counterintuitively, the concept
Implementation of a quantum cubic gate by an adaptive non-Gaussian measurement
We present a concept of non-Gaussian measurement composed of a non-Gaussian ancillary state, linear optics and adaptive heterodyne measurement, and on the basis of this we also propose a simple
Measurement-induced continuous-variable quantum interactions
We propose feasible implementations of basic continuous-variable (CV) interactions (squeezer, parametric amplifier, and quantum nondemolition interaction) between light modes without the requirement