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Human amplification of drought-induced biomass burning in Indonesia since 1960
Under drought conditions, biomass burning in Indonesia is a disproportionate contributor to the global carbon dioxide emissions from such events. An analysis of Indonesian records of large firesExpand
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Analysis of Present Day and Future OH and Methane Lifetime in the ACCMIP Simulations
Results from simulations performed for the At- mospheric Chemistry and Climate Modeling Intercompari- son Project (ACCMIP) are analysed to examine how OH and methane lifetime may change from presentExpand
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Indonesian fire activity and smoke pollution in 2015 show persistent nonlinear sensitivity to El Niño-induced drought
Significance The 2015 Indonesian fire season, in terms of fire activity and pollution, was the most severe since the NASA Earth Observing satellite system began observations in the early 2000s. OurExpand
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Effects of postcondensation exchange on the isotopic composition of water in the atmosphere
[1] We conducted experiments with an atmospheric general circulation model to determine the effects of non-Rayleigh, postcondensation exchange (PCE) on the isotopic composition of water in theExpand
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Predictability of carbon emissions from biomass burning in Indonesia from 1997 to 2006
[1] Drought and sea surface temperature were examined as the causes of severe biomass burning C emissions in Indonesia for 1997–2006, obtained from the Global Fire Emissions Database. EighteenExpand
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Stable isotopes in atmospheric water vapor and applications to the hydrologic cycle.
The measurement and simulation of water vapor isotopic composition has matured rapidly over the last decade, with long-term datasets and comprehensive modeling capabilities now available. TheoriesExpand
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Observed and modeled controls on precipitation δ18O over Europe: From local temperature to the Northern Annular Mode
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  • 27 June 2010
[1] Stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen are important paleoclimate indicators and can be obtained from many different natural archives in Europe such as tree rings and speleothems. In this study,Expand
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Development of the Indonesian and Malaysian Fire Danger Rating Systems
Forest and land fires in Southeast Asia have many social, economic, and environmental impacts. Tropical peatland fires affect global carbon dynamics, and haze from peat fires has serious negativeExpand
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Historic global biomass burning emissions for CMIP6 (BB4CMIP) based on merging satellite observations with proxies and fire models (1750-2015)
Fires have influenced atmospheric composition and climate since the rise of vascular plants, and satellite data have shown the overall global extent of fires. Expand
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Martensitic structures and deformation twinning in the U–Nb shape-memory alloys
Abstract An investigation of the microstructures of four U–Nb alloys has been conducted. The nominal Nb contents are 5, 9, 13 and 18at.% (approximately 2, 4, 5.5 and 8 wt%). The self-accommodatingExpand
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