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Twisted light transmission over 143 km
The transmission of orbital angular momentum modes of light over a distance of 143 km between two Canary Islands is shown, indicating that with state-of-the-art adaptive optics systems, both classical communication and entanglement transmission is feasible over distances of more than 100 km.
Roadmap on structured light
Structured light refers to the generation and application of custom light fields. As the tools and technology to create and detect structured light have evolved, steadily the applications have begun
Communication with spatially modulated light through turbulent air across Vienna
Transverse spatial modes of light offer a large state-space with interesting physical properties. For exploiting these special modes in future long-distance experiments, the modes will have to be
Measuring azimuthal and radial modes of photons.
A method to measure the azimuthal and radial modes of Laguerre-Gaussian beams with a greater than 99 % accuracy, using a single phase screen, and can be readily extended to any arbitrary family of spatial modes.
Quantum Entanglement of High Angular Momenta
A method for converting the polarization state of photons into information encoded into spatial modes of a single photon is presented and entanglement of very high OAM can improve the sensitivity of angular resolution in remote sensing.
Generation and confirmation of a (100 × 100)-dimensional entangled quantum system
A novel nonlinear criterion is developed which infers entanglement dimensionality of a global state by using only information about its subspace correlations, which allows very practical experimental implementation as well as highly efficient extraction of entanglements dimensionality information.
Automated Search for new Quantum Experiments.
The computer algorithm Melvin is reported which is able to find new experimental implementations for the creation and manipulation of complex quantum states and autonomously learns from solutions for simpler systems, which significantly speeds up the discovery rate of more complex experiments.
Real-Time Imaging of Quantum Entanglement
Modern technology, namely triggered intensified charge coupled device (ICCD) cameras are fast and sensitive enough to image in real-time the effect of the measurement of one photon on its entangled partner and quantitatively verify the non-classicality of the measurements.
High-dimensional quantum gates using full-field spatial modes of photons
Unitary transformations are the fundamental building blocks of gates and operations in quantum information processing allowing the complete manipulation of quantum systems in a coherent manner. In
Exotic looped trajectories of photons in three-slit interference
The validity of Born's rule is confirmed and the first experimental observation of exotic trajectories as additional paths for the light is presented by directly measuring their contribution to the formation of optical interference fringes by enhancing the electromagnetic near-fields in the vicinity of the slits through the excitation of surface plasmons.