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Mass-consistent models for wind fields over complex terrain: The state of the art☆
Abstract Among the diagnostic models for wind field simulation, mass-consistent models play an important role, thanks to the simplicity of the physics involved and their capacity to accept severalExpand
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Proposal of a numerical procedure to select Reference Years
Abstract A procedure is presented which can be used to create, from many years of available past weather data, a Reference Year consisting in 8760 hourly values of a few chosen meteorologicalExpand
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Solar irradiance estimation from geostationary satellite data: I. Statistical models☆
Abstract The use of satellite data to estimate solar irradiance at ground level represents a valid alternative to ground measurements of solar radiation. The best known methods of estimating theExpand
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Clues to discretization on the cosmic scale
Abstract Starting from discretization rules analogous to those of Bohr and Sommerfeld, values for a few mechanical quantities associated to celestial periodic motions are obtained. A gravitationalExpand
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Optimum Inductive Methods
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Lorenz-like systems and classical dynamical equations with memory forcing: an alternate point of view for singling out the origin of chaos.
An alternate view for the emergence of chaos in Lorenz-like systems is presented in this paper. For such purpose, the Lorenz problem is reformulated in a classical mechanical form and it turns out toExpand
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Discretization on the cosmic scale inspired from the Old Quantum Mechanics
The Old Quantum Mechanics actions discretization rules for periodic motions on the atomic scale (Bohr-Sommerfeld) have been suitably modified in order to account the gravitational field instead ofExpand
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The diffusion tensor for a Brownian particle in a periodic field of force is studied in the strong damping limit, in which the Smoluchowski equation is valid.
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Verisimilitude and Belief Change for Conjunctive Theories
Theory change is a central concern in contemporary epistemology and philosophy of science. In this paper, we investigate the relationships between two ongoing research programs providing formalExpand
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Towards a Grammar of Bayesian Confirmation
The foundations of a detailed grammar of Bayesian confirmation are presented as a theoretical tool for the formal analysis of reasoning in epistemology and philosophy of science. After a discussionExpand
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