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Onchidin: a cytotoxic depsipeptide with C2 symmetry from a marine mollusc
Onchidin (1) is a cytotoxic depsipcptide isolatcd from thc pulmonate mollusc Onchidium sp. Its structure is cyclo (MeVal-Amo-Val-Hiv-Hiv-McVal-Amo-Val-Hiv-Hiv) made or two identical halvesExpand
Antitumor actinopyranones produced by Streptomyces albus POR-04-15-053 isolated from a marine sediment.
Members of the pyranone family of compounds could be developed as potential antitumor agents, according to their structures and cytotoxicity results. Expand
The marine sponge Plakortis zyggompha: a source of original bioactive polyketides
Abstract Three new spiculoic acids 1 – 3 and two members of a new closely related family of natural products named zyggomphic acids 4 and 5 were isolated from the very little studied marine spongeExpand
Aplicyanins A–F, new cytotoxic bromoindole derivatives from the marine tunicate Aplidium cyaneum
Abstract Six new bromoindole derivatives, aplicyanins A–F ( 1 – 6 ), have been isolated from the CH 2 Cl 2 /MeOH extract of the tunicate Aplidium cyaneum collected in Antarctica. Their structuresExpand
Diazonamides C–E, new cytotoxic metabolites from the ascidian Diazona sp.
Abstract Three new macrocyclic peptides, diazonamides C–E ( 1 – 3 ), were isolated together with the previously reported diazonamides A ( 4 ) and B ( 5 ) from samples of the marine ascidian DiazonaExpand
PM100117 and PM100118, new antitumor macrolides produced by a marine Streptomyces caniferus GUA-06-05-006A
Two new bioactive polyhydroxyl macrolide lactones were isolated from the culture broth of the marine-derived Streptomyces caniferus GUA-06-05-006A, showing potent cytotoxicity against three human tumor cell lines and slight antifungal activity against Candida albicans ATCC10231. Expand
Characterization and engineering of the biosynthesis gene cluster for antitumor macrolides PM100117 and PM100118 from a marine actinobacteria: generation of a novel improved derivative
This is the first insight into the biosynthesis of PM100117 and PM100118 biosynthesis gene cluster, which has been characterized on the basis of bioinformatics and genetic engineering data. Expand
Onchidin B (4) is a cyclic depsipeptide isolated from the pulmonate mollusc Onchidium sp. Its structure was determined by extensive 2D-NMR, FABMS, tandem FAB MS/MS, selective hydrolysis, andExpand
Isolation and structures of pipecolidepsins A and B, cytotoxic cyclic depsipeptides from the Madagascan sponge Homophymia lamellosa.
Two new cyclic depsipeptides, pipecolidepsins A and B, have been isolated from the sponge Homophymia lamellosa collected off the coast of Madagascar and displayed cytotoxic activity against a panel of different human tumor cell lines. Expand
Discorhabdins I and L, cytotoxic alkaloids from the sponge Latrunculia brevis.
Two cytotoxic alkaloids were isolated from Latrunculia brevis and their structures assigned on the basis of detailed spectroscopic analysis and comparison with the known metabolites discorhabdins R, D, and B. Expand