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Update 1 of: α,β-Diamino acids: biological significance and synthetic approaches.
The aim of this article will be to provide a deep and general view of the existing methodology for the synthesis of aliphatic R, or 2,3-diamino acids and their simple derivatives, esters, and other interesting applications found in the existing literature.
Highly diastereoselective Katsuki-Jacobsen oxidation-epoxidation of alpha-silyloxy sulfinyl dienes: synthetic applications.
Katsuki-Jacobsen oxidation-epoxidation of acyclic alpha-silyloxy sulfinyl dienes, followed by acid-promoted cyclization, leads to 2,5-trans-sulfonyl dihydrofurans with good selectivities. As an
Gold Sulfinyl Mesoionic Carbenes: Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Activity.
Gold mesoionic carbenes having a chiral sulfoxide group attached to the C4 position of the five membered ring have been prepared and tested as catalysts in the cycloisomerization of enynes. These new
An approach to the stereoselective synthesis of enantiopure dihydropyrroles and aziridines from a common sulfinyl-sulfinamide intermediate.
The diastereoselective addition of lithiated vinyl sulfoxides to enantiopure sulfinimines provides direct access to a wide assortment of allylic sulfinamides in good yields and excellent
Highly diastereoselective addition of lithio vinyl sulfoxides to N-sulfinimines: an entry to enantiopure 3-sulfinyl-2,5-cis-dihydropyrroles.
The addition of enantiopure alpha-metalated vinyl and dienyl sulfoxides to enantiomerically pure N-sulfinimines takes place with high diastereoselectivity primarily directed by the N-dihydropyrroles by reaction with electrophiles.
From Allylic Sulfoxides to Allylic Sulfenates: Fifty Years of a Never-Ending [2,3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement.
This review aims to provide a comprehensive survey of the [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of allylic sulfoxides to allied sulfenates and its application in the synthesis of natural and bioactive products.
Enantiopure 1,4-diols and 1,4-aminoalcohols via stereoselective acyclic sulfoxide-sulfenate rearrangement.
This one-pot procedure entails a conjugate addition that triggers a diastereoselective sulfoxide-sulfenate [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement that affords enantiopure 1, 4-diol or 1,4-hydroxysulfonamide derivatives in good yields and diastEREoselectivities.
Sulfoxide-directed intramolecular [4 + 2] cycloadditions between 2-sulfinyl butadienes and unactivated alkynes.
Sulfinyl dienynes undergo thermal and catalyzed IMDA cycloadditions, often at room temperature, to produce cyclohexa-1,4-dienes with good yields and high selectivities that preserve a synthetically useful vinyl sulfoxide functionality.
Synthesis of highly substituted enantiopure piperazines and ketopiperazines from vicinal N-sulfinyl diamines.
Enantiopure 1-benzyl-2,3-disubstituted piperazines have been synthesized by treatment of N-sulfinyl-N-benzyldiamino alcohols with diethyl oxalate and sodium methoxide followed by reduction with borane using CeCl3.7H2O as the additive.