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Towards a unified model for black hole X-ray binary jets
We present a unified semiquantitative model for the disc–jet coupling in black hole X-ray binary systems. In the process we have compiled observational aspects from the existing literature, as well
A universal radio-X-ray correlation in low/hard state black hole binaries
Several independent lines of evidence now point to a connection between the physical processes that govern radio (i.e. jet) and X-ray emission from accreting X-ray binaries. We present a
Active galactic nuclei as scaled-up Galactic black holes
The timescales can be physically linked, revealing that the accretion process is exactly the same for small and large black holes, so AGN really are just scaled-up Galactic black holes.
MERLIN observations of relativistic ejections from GRS 1915+105
We present high resolution MERLIN radio images of multiple relativistic ejections from GRS 1915+105 in 1997 October / November. The observations were made at a time of complex radio behaviour,
Radio/X-ray correlation in the low/hard state of GX 339-4
We present the results of a long-term study of the black hole candidate GX 339 4 using simultaneous radio (from the Australia Telescope Compact Array) and X-ray (from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
A relativistic jet from Cygnus X-1 in the low/hard X-ray state
We present the detection of a radio-emitting jet from the black hole candidate and X-ray binary source Cygnus X-1. Evidence of a bright core with a slightly extended structure was found on
Jets in neutron star X-ray binaries: a comparison with black holes
We present a comprehensive study of the relation between radio and X-ray emission in neutron star (NS) X-ray binaries, use this to infer the general properties of the disc‐jet coupling in such
Powerful jets from black hole X-ray binaries in low/hard X-ray states
Four persistent (Cygnus X-1, GX 339−4, GRS 1758−258 and 1E 1740.7−2942) and three transient (GS 2023+38, GRO J0422+32 and GS 1354−64) black hole X-ray binary systems have been extensively observed at
Radiatively efficient accreting black holes in the hard state: the case study of H1743-322
In recent years, much effort has been devoted to unravelling the connection between the accretion flow and the jets in accreting compact objects. In the present work, we report new constraints on
LOFAR - low frequency array
In dit artikel zullen the authors LOFAR beschrijven: van de astronomische mogelijkheden met de nieuwe telescoop tot aan een nadere technische beshrijving of het instrument.