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The Pteridophytes of Mexico
This engaging and information-packed volume on the arrival and impact of plants that the Europeans brought to the New World and the arrival with them of their favorite plants is a thoroughly researched and readable book that will interest all readers of this journal.
Effects of Water Management on the Wetlands of the Colorado River Delta, Mexico
The lower delta of the Colorado River has been severely affected by the upstream diversion of water for human use. No river water is officially appropriated to support delta wetlands, yet large marsh
The Cycads
Environmental control of flowering periodicity in Costa Rican and Mexican tropical dry forests
Seasonal variation in rainfall and soil water availability apparently constitutes not only the proximate, but also the ultimate cause of flowering periodicity, which is unlikely to have evolved in response to biotic adaptive pressures.
The Trees of Sonora, Mexico
This chapter discusses the major groups and families of Magnoliophyta, focusing on the Magnoliopsida and Liliopsida, and the relationships between these groups and their relatives.
High proportion of cactus species threatened with extinction
It is shown that cacti are among the most threatened taxonomic groups assessed to date, with 31% of the 1,478 evaluated species threatened, demonstrating the high anthropogenic pressures on biodiversity in arid lands.
Winter Dormancy in Sea Turtles: Independent Discovery and Exploitation in the Gulf of California by Two Local Cultures
Seri Indians have traditionally hunted nonmigrating dormant green turtles along the bottom of the Infiernillo Channel in the Gulf of California, and with new hunting technologies are rapidly decimating these unusual stocks.
Florida Ethnobotany
Agroecology deals with the application of ecological principles in agroecosystems, and represents a logical response to shortcomings of conventional agriculture. The book by Clements and Shrestha