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Measuring Dimensions of Lesbian and Gay Male Experience
This article describes the development of new scales for assessing identity and outness in lesbians and gay men. Relevant measurement issues are reviewed.
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Paradigms, praxis, problems, and promise: Grounded theory in counseling psychology research.
In this article, the author presents an overview of the qualitative research approach termed grounded theory (B. G. Glaser, 1978, 1992; B. G. Glaser & A. L. Strauss, 1967; A. L. Strauss, 1987; A. L.Expand
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Revisioning Sexual Minority Identity Formation
This article describes a new, inclusive model of lesbian identity formation. A rationale for the model is presented, which includes a review of relevant literature in lesbian/gay identity,Expand
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The Hidden Minority
This article provides an overview of salient issues related to scientific and therapeutic work with lesbian women and gay men. It is presented in five sections which provide the reader with a reviewExpand
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Validation of an inclusive model of sexual minority identity formation on a sample of gay men.
This article outlines the preliminary validation of a new, inclusive model of sexual minority identity formation (McCarn & Fassinger, 1996) on a sample of gay men. The model hypothesizes two separateExpand
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Self-acceptance and self-disclosure of sexual orientation in Lesbian, Gay, and bisexual adults: An attachment perspective
A model linking attachment variables with self-acceptance and self-disclosure of sexual orientation was tested using data from 489 lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adults. The model included theExpand
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Toward Best Practices in Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed- Method Research: A Social Justice Perspective
Various research methods can be appropriate for social justice aims. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches offer different kinds of strengths in advancing a social justice agenda.Expand
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Counseling Psychology Research on Sexual (Orientation) Minority Issues: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges and Opportunities
This lead article of the special issue discusses conceptual and methodological considerations in studying sexual minority issues, particularly in research conducted by counseling psychologistsExpand
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