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The encyclopedia of geochemistry and environmental sciences
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Encyclopedia of Geomorphology
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Recent and Pleistocene Coral Reefs of Australia
The contemporary and Pleistocene coral reefs of the Australian shelf regions illustrate reef development in a relatively stable epicontinental environment-the most common facies in geology. All reefExpand
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The Changing Level of the Sea
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Sea Level and the Southern Oscillation
Summary An average curve for the world annual mean sea level for the century 186-1960 has been obtained from a carefully selected world series of tide gauge records. We have eliminated data fromExpand
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Encyclopedia of hydrology and water resources.
Foreword. Preface. Selected international journals in hydrology and water resources. Units, symbols and conversion factors. Access to and accountability of water resources. Accuracy. Accuracy ofExpand
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Equatorial Atlantic Deep-Sea Arkosic Sands and Ice-Age Aridity in Tropical South America
Arkosic sands of latest Wisconsin age from deep-sea piston cores taken in the Guiana Basin off northeast South America between lat 20° N. and lat 10° S. support previous conclusions that an arid toExpand
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Can Rapid Climatic Change Cause Volcanic Eruptions?
Many major volcanic eruptions coincide with cooling trends of decadal or longer duration that began significantly before the eruptions. Dust veils provide positive feedback for short-term (less thanExpand
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Prolonged minima and the 179-yr cycle of the solar inertial motion
We employ the JPL long ephemeris DE-102 to study the inertial motion of the Sun for the period A.D. 760–2100. Defining solar orbits with reference to the Sun's successive close approaches to theExpand
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