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Thermal Equilibrium of the Atmosphere with a Convective Adjustment
Abstract The states of thermal equilibrium (incorporating an adjustment of super-adiabatic stratification) as well as that of pure radiative equilibrium of the atmosphere are computed as theExpand
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Cumulative Results of Extended Forecast Experiments II: Model Performance for Summer Cases
Abstract Two-week experimental forecasts were carried for 12 July Cases with a nine vertical level, 270 km grid-size hemispheric model, and the results were examined statistically. The solutionsExpand
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Cumulative Results of Extended Forecast Experiment. III: Precipitation
Abstract A diagnostic analysis and an appraisal of the precipitation calculation by the GFDL (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory) 1967 version prediction model are presented, using two-weekExpand
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Abstract Two-week predictions were made for two winter cases by applying the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory high-resolution, nine-level, hemispheric, moist general circulation model. ThreeExpand
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The Effect of Horizontal Grid Resolution in an Atmospheric Circulation Model
Abstract Truncation error of the numerical solution in a circulation model is still one of the most serious sources of error for the extended-period prediction. Different grid intervals are taken andExpand
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The relative importance of variables in initial conditions for dynamical weather prediction
Tests were made to evaluate the relative importance of large errors in some of the variables formally required to specify initial conditions for the time integration of the hydro-thermodynamicExpand
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Southern Hemisphere Prediction Experiment With a Nine-Level, Primitive-Equation Model
Abstract A nine-level hemispheric primitive-equation model is applied to make a 14-day experimental prediction for the Southern Hemisphere; this is the first numerical prediction on the hemisphericExpand
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Initialization with the data assimilation method
The initial conditions generated by a data assimilation technique with a general circulation model were evaluated. Expand
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