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Incidence and ecology of very fast germination
A group of flowering plant species is known to germinate in less than 24 h from imbibition, but this phenomenon is often overlooked in the current literature. Here, I review this topic by searchingExpand
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The relationship between lime chlorosis, trace elements and Mundulla Yellows
MundullaYellows (MY) is a dieback disorder of Eucalyptus and other native Australian plants in the south-east of South Australia. Recent attempts to find a causal biotic agent have failed. TheExpand
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Monocotyledonous geophytes: comparison of California with Victoria, Australia
Data on monocotyledonous geophytes from a recent Victorian flora are compiled and compared with those from California and some other areas of mainly mediterranean climate. Victoria's monocot geophyteExpand
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A first inventory of gypsum flora in the Palearctic and Australia
Gypseous substrates are well-recognised as supporting distinctive and unique flora assemblages, including numerous gypsum endemic (gypsophile) species. Along with these, others are also frequentExpand
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The cushion plants of lowland southern Australia
A preliminary analysis has recorded the cushion lifeform in 60 taxa from lowland southern Australia (i.e. latitudes south of 26° S) encompassing six morphological forms from open,Expand
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Variation in the morphology and volatile leaf oils of Eucalyptus yarraensis (Myrtaceae), a disjunct rare species in Victoria
Variation in adult morphology and volatile leaf oils was examined in five populations of the rare Eucalyptus yarraensis Maiden & Cambage sampled over the species’ natural range in Victoria.Expand
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Is Mundulla Yellows really a threat to undisturbed native vegetation? A comment
Summary The term Mundulla Yellows (MY) was coined in 1997 to refer to a dieback disorder involving leaf chlorosis which affects Eucalyptus and other native southern Australian vascular plants. ItExpand
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Desert vines: a comparison of Australia with other areas
Aim  To characterize the Australian desert vine flora and to compare it with that of deserts in other continents. Location  The Stony Deserts, the Simpson Desert and the four main deserts ofExpand
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