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The 'North American shale composite' - Its compilation, major and trace element characteristics
Abstract The compilation and major element composition of the “North American shale composite” (NASC) are reported for the first time, along with redeterminations for the REE and selected otherExpand
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Chemistry, petrology and origin of banded iron-formation lithologies from the 3800 MA isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland
Data are presented on the phase petrology of 60 samples of banded iron-formation (BIF) and related rock types from 35 localities spanning the known stratigraphic units in the 3.8-Ga Isua SupracrustalExpand
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Titanium, aluminum and interlayer cation substitutions in biotite from high-grade gneisses, West Greenland
Detailed electron microprobe study, pelitic to mafic metamorphic rocks from two localities. Higher Ti, K/(K + Na), and possible (K + Na), similar Al IV , and lower Al VI in granulite vs. amphiboliteExpand
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Geothermobarometry and U-Pb Geochronology of metapelitic granulites and pelitic migmatites from the Lokoho region, Northern Madagascar
Abstract A region of metamorphosed supracrustal rocks (pelite, quartzite, marble, and graywacke) and coeval intrusive igneous rocks crop out in a 250 km long orogenic belt in northern Madagascar. TheExpand
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Metamorphism of the ca. 3800 Ma supracrustal rocks at Isua, West Greenland: implications for early Archaean crustal evolution
A detailed mineralogical and petrological study has been carried out on samples from two clastic metasedimentary lithologies from the ∼ 3800 Ma Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland. Semipelitic toExpand
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Petrogenesis of Apatite-Rich Rocks (Nelsonites and Oxide-Apatite Gabbronorites) Associated with Massif Anorthosites
We report field, petrographic, mineralogical, and geochemical data for two P-rich rock types of the anorthosite suite—Fe-Ti oxide-apatite rock (or nelsonite) and Fe-Ti oxide-apatite gabbronorite (orExpand
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Fe-Ti-P-rich rocks and massif anorthosite; problems of interpretation illustrated from the Labrieville and St-Urbain plutons, Quebec
Rocks containing h.igh concentrations of iron, titanium and phosphorus, known by a variety of names such as jotunite, ferrodiorite, monzonorite, etc., are associated spatially and tenaporally withExpand
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Petrogenesis of the Labrieville Alkalic Anorthosite Massif, Grenville Province, Quebec
The Labrieville massif (>1010 Ma) is an eroded dome consisting mineral—plagioclase feldspar. The circumstances whereby such nearly monomineralic plutons can be produced of three zones: (1) a foliatedExpand
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Nd and Sr isotope systematics of clastic metasediments from Isua, West Greenland: Identification of pre‐3.8 Ga Differentiated Crustal Components
Recent field work on the Isua metasediments has established that there are two lithological sequences (A and B), which are divided into a number of distinct formations. Each clastic metasedimentaryExpand
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The issue of the terrestrial record of 146Sm
Harper and Jacobsen (1992a) have reported a 33 μ (μ = parts per million) ^(142)Nd excess in a 3.8 Ga felsic gneiss (IE 715-28) from Isua, West Greenland. This excess was interpreted as due to aExpand
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