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Intramolecular [4+2] Cycloaddition Reactions of Conjugated Enynes
The intramolecular [4+2] cycloaddition of conjugated enynes provides an efficient and general route to aromatic and dihydroaromatic compounds
Metal-catalyzed oxidation and epoxidation of α-hydroxy vinyl and dienyl sulfoxides
Treatment of acyclic α-hydroxyalkyl α,β-unsaturated sulfoxides with t-BuOOH/VO(acac)2 results in rapid oxidation to the unsaturated sulfones followed by an unusual regio- and stereoselective
Fine-tuned aminal cleavage: A concise route to differentially protected enantiopure syn-α, β-diamino esters
The treatment of enantiopure N-sulfinylimidazolidines with aqueous H 3 PO 4 in THF affords enantius N-Sulfinyldiamino esters in excellent yields, while the presence of MeOH as cosolvent allows for the simultaneous removal of the sulfinamide group and aminal cleavage.
Synthesis of Tetrahydrofurfurylamines Related to Muscarine
A methodology that involves mesylation of readily available tetrahydrofuryl diols and subsequent displacement with selected amines to afford novel muscarine analogs has been outlined. Displacement of
Highly Diastereoselective [3+2] Cycloadditions between Nonracemic p‐Tolylsulfinimines and Iminoesters: An Efficient Entry to Enantiopure Imidazolidines and Vicinal Diaminoalcohols
A new procedure for the asymmetric synthesis of imidazolidines and vicinal diamines is reported and reductive cleavage of the aminal with LiAlH4 is an extremely efficient and general reaction for the synthesis of enantiopure N-sulfinyl-N'-benzyldiaminoalcohols.
1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions between nitrile oxides and substituted 7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptenes
Seules les cycloadditions effectuees sur des oxa-7bicyclo[2-2-1]heptenes-2 (A) substitues sur la double liaison presentent une regioselectivite; les cycloadditions dipolaires 1,3 sur les composes (A)
Sulfur-Mediated Synthesis of Substituted Tetrahydrofurans: Application to the Synthesis of Goniofufurone
An efficient strategy for the synthesis of densely functionalized 2,5-trans-disubstituted-tetrahydrofurans, from sulfinyldienols is described and a new synthesis of goniofufurone by means of silylated lactone, also readily available from D-xylose.