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Insights from retinitis pigmentosa into the roles of isocitrate dehydrogenases in the Krebs cycle
Here we describe two families with retinitis pigmentosa, a hereditary neurodegeneration of rod and cone photoreceptors in the retina. Affected family members were homozygous for loss-of-functionExpand
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Crystal Structure of Porcine Mitochondrial NADP+-dependent Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Complexed with Mn2+ and Isocitrate
The crystal structure of porcine heart mitochondrial NADP+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) complexed with Mn2+ and isocitrate was solved to a resolution of 1.85 Å. The enzyme was expressedExpand
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Direct evidence for the formation of a complex between 1-cysteine peroxiredoxin and glutathione S-transferase pi with activity changes in both enzymes.
Glutathione S-transferase pi (GST pi) has been shown to reactivate oxidized 1-cysteine peroxiredoxin (1-Cys Prx, Prx VI, Prdx6, and AOP2). We now demonstrate that a heterodimer complex is formedExpand
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Affinity labeling of purine nucleotide sites in proteins.
  • R. F. Colman
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Annual review of biochemistry
  • 1983
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Adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency.
Adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency is a disease of purine metabolism which affects patients both biochemically and behaviorally. The symptoms are variable and include psychomotor retardation, autisticExpand
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Chemical characterization of distinct subunits of pig heart DPN-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase.
Pig heart DPN-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase is heterogeneous on isoelectric focusing in 6 M urea. Under these conditions, three types of subunits (termed alpha, beta, and gamma), which haveExpand
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Clopidogrel inhibits the binding of ADP analogues to the receptor mediating inhibition of platelet adenylate cyclase.
Clopidogrel, like the homologous thienopyridine derivative ticlopidine, selectively inhibits platelet aggregation induced by ADP. We have previously described two nucleotide-binding sites onExpand
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Substrate and product complexes of Escherichia coli adenylosuccinate lyase provide new insights into the enzymatic mechanism.
Adenylosuccinate lyase (ADL) catalyzes the breakdown of 5-aminoimidazole- (N-succinylocarboxamide) ribotide (SAICAR) to 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribotide (AICAR) and fumarate, and ofExpand
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Critical Role of Lys212 and Tyr140 in Porcine NADP-dependent Isocitrate Dehydrogenase*
Lys212 and Tyr140 are close to the enzyme-bound isocitrate in the recently determined crystal structure of porcine NADP-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase (Ceccarelli, C., Grodsky, N. B., Ariyaratne,Expand
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Expression, purification, and characterization of stable, recombinant human adenylosuccinate lyase.
The full length human adenylosuccinate lyase gene was generated by a PCR method using a plasmid encoding a truncated human enzyme as template, and was cloned into a pET-14b vector. HumanExpand
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