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Solubility of gold in arsenian pyrite
Although Au and As can be enriched up to the weight percent level in arsenian pyrite, there is little knowledge of their limiting concentrations and nature of incorporation. This study reports SIMSExpand
The crystal chemistry of hexavalent uranium; polyhedron geometries, bond-valence parameters, and polymerization of polyhedra
The geomeffy, bond valences, and polymerization ofhexavalent uranium polyhedra from 105 well-refined structures are analyzed. The Utu cation is almost always present in crystal stnrctures as part ofExpand
Radioactive Waste Forms for the Future
This volume presents a compilation of information on the range of radioactive waste forms that have been developed for the incorporation of high-level nuclear waste. A presentation is given on theExpand
Colloid Transport of Plutonium in the Far-Field of the Mayak Production Association, Russia
Sorption of actinides, particularly plutonium, onto submicrometer-sized colloids increases their mobility, but these plutonium colloids are difficult to detect in the far-field. We identifiedExpand
Radiation effects in crystalline ceramics for the immobilization of high-level nuclear waste and plutonium
This review provides a comprehensive evaluation of the state-of-knowledge of radiation effects in crystalline ceramics that may be used for the immobilization of high-level nuclear waste andExpand
The corrosion of uraninite under oxidizing conditions
Abstract Uraninite is the most common uranium mineral, which, because of chemical and structural similarities to synthetic UO 2 , is a useful natural analogue for UO 2 in spent fuel. Uraninite,Expand
Recoil refinements: Implications for the 40Ar/39Ar dating technique
Integration of the neutron energy distribution for a water-moderated reactor with the most recent cross-section data yields mean recoil energies of 177 keV for 39K (n, p) 39Ar, 969 keV for 40Ca (n,Expand
The coupled geochemistry of Au and As in pyrite from hydrothermal ore deposits
The ubiquity of Au-bearing arsenian pyrite in hydrothermal ore deposits suggests that the coupled geochemical behaviour of Au and As in this sulfide occurs under a wide range of physico-chemicalExpand