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A new class of ligand-gated ion channel defined by P2X receptor for extracellular ATP
EXTRACELLULAR ATP exerts its effects through P2 purino-ceptors1: these are ligand-gated ion channels (P2x)2,3 or G-protein-coupled receptors (Piv, Piu)4- ATP at P2X receptors mediates synapticExpand
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Map of bird sensitivities to wind farms in Scotland: A tool to aid planning and conservation
Abstract Government targets for renewable energy have led to a huge increase in wind farm proposals. Because of its high wind resource, Scotland has more proposed wind farms than any other UKExpand
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ATP mediates fast synaptic transmission in mammalian neurons
IN addition to its diverse functions inside cells, ATP can act at several types of cell-surface receptor1–3. One of these (P2x-purinoceptor) is believed to be a ligand-gated cation channel1–6. TheExpand
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Unique residues in the ATP gated human P2X7 receptor define a novel allosteric binding pocket for the selective antagonist AZ10606120
The P2X7 receptor (P2X7R) for ATP is a therapeutic target for pathophysiological states including inflammation, pain management and epilepsy. This is facilitated by the predicted low side effectExpand
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Growth and demography of a re‐introduced population of White‐tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla
White-tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla became extinct in Britain in 1918 following prolonged persecution. Intensive conservation efforts since the 1970s have included the re-introduction of theExpand
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Functional Regulation of P2X6 Receptors by N-Linked Glycosylation: Identification of a Novel αβ-Methylene ATP-Sensitive Phenotype
Investigation of rat recombinant P2X6 receptors has been limited because of the difficulty in obtaining functional expression in heterologous systems. In this study, we demonstrateExpand
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Rituals of Retribution: Capital Punishment in Germany, 1600-1987
COPYWRITER - Modern History section for 1996 cat The state has no greater power over its own citizens than that of killing them. This book examines the use of that supreme sanction in Germany, fromExpand
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The Third Reich in Power
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Comparing methods for the syntactic simplification of sentences in information extraction
  • R. Evans
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  • 1 December 2011
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