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The Coming of the Third Reich
From one of the world's most distinguished historians, a magisterial new reckoning with Hitler's rise to power and the collapse of civilization in Nazi Germany. In 1900 Germany was the most
It is suggested that tamarin births at Cocha Cashu are timed such that lactation and weaning occur when food is abundant, because during the period of low food availability, there would be insufficient food to meet the demands of lactationand to serve as easily obtainable weaning foods.
The Third Reich in Power
Growth and demography of a re‐introduced population of White‐tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla
Differences in demographic rates of wild-bred and released birds suggest that in future re-introduction programmes, steps to maximize the success and output of the earliest breeding attempts would help ensure the most rapid shift to a population composed largely ofWild-bred birds, which should then have a higher rate of increase.
Rituals of Retribution: Capital Punishment in Germany, 1600-1987
COPYWRITER - Modern History section for 1996 cat The state has no greater power over its own citizens than that of killing them. This book examines the use of that supreme sanction in Germany, from
Natal and breeding dispersal in a reintroduced population of White‐tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla
The finding that NDD was lower in males than in females was consistent with the hypothesis that males compete for resources in order to attract females, and hence there is a greater selective advantage for males to stay closer to their natal sites, whereas females choose between the available resources of different males and so can disperse further.
Juvenile Dispersal of White-Tailed Eagles in Western Scotland
The implication of these results was that, well before reaching maturity, White-tailed Eagles used dispersal movements, at least in part, to assess potential breeding sites, and thus dispersal behaviors were not simply directed toward survival alone.
Regenerating Town Centres
What are town centres? the retail revolution choking to death offices from boom to bust? the deterioration of the public realm who shapes town centres? public policy - for better, for worse?
Death in Hamburg : society and politics in the cholera years
'The terrible cholera epidemic of 1892' offers a wealth of insights into the inner life of a great European city at the height of the industrial age. Why were nearly 10,000 people killed in six weeks