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Two‐dimensional spectroscopy. Application to nuclear magnetic resonance
The possibilities for the extension of spectroscopy to two dimensions are discussed. Applications to nuclear magnetic resonance are described. The basic theory of two‐dimensional spectroscopy isExpand
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Application of Fourier Transform Spectroscopy to Magnetic Resonance
The application of a new Fourier transform technique to magnetic resonance spectroscopy is explored. The method consists of applying a sequence of short rf pulses to the sample to be investigated andExpand
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Practical aspects of the E.COSY technique. Measurement of scalar spin-spin coupling constants in peptides
Abstract Practical aspects of the E.COSY technique for measurement of coupling constants are discussed. Guidelines are presented for the experimental setup and for spectral assignments. The featuresExpand
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Low-power multipulse line narrowing in solid-state NMR
Abstract Multipulse line narrowing sequences are investigated with regard to performance at low radiofrequency power, and a new class of multipulse sequences specifically designed for low-powerExpand
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Influence of rapid intramolecular motion on NMR cross-relaxation rates. A molecular dynamics study of antamanide in solution
An 800 ps molecular dynamics simulation of antamanide in chloroform has been used to study the influence of fast angular and radial intramolecular dynamics on experimentally accessible homonuclearExpand
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Diffusion and field‐gradient effects in NMR Fourier spectroscopy
In NMR Fourier transform spectroscopy, rf pulses are periodically applied to a spin system to generate a sequence of free induction decays which form the basis of spectroscopic measurements. InExpand
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