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The Constant Flux: A Study of Class Mobility in Industrial Societies
This is a study of social mobility within the developing class structures of modern industrial societies based on a unique data-set constructed by John Goldthorpe and Robert Erikson. The focus is onExpand
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Statehouse Democracy: Public Opinion and Policy in the American States
Preface 1. Democratic states 2. Measuring state partisanship and ideology 3. Accounting for state differences in opinion 4. Public opinion and policy in the American states 5. State parties and stateExpand
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On class differentials in educational attainment.
Social class differentials in educational attainment have been extensively studied in numerous countries. In this paper, we begin by examining class differentials in the progression to higherExpand
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Peasants or Bankers? The American Electorate and the U.S. Economy.
T | 'he usual model of electoral reaction to economic conditions assumes the "retrospective" economic voter who bases expectations solely on recent economic performance or personal economicExpand
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The Macro Polity
List of figures and tables Preface Acknowledgements 1. A model of the macro polity Part I. Performance: 2. Presidential approval 3. Presidential approval, the economy, and the future 4. MacroExpand
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Socioeconomic inequalities in morbidity and mortality in western Europe
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Has social mobility in Britain decreased? Reconciling divergent findings on income and class mobility.
Social mobility has become a topic of central political concern. In political and also media circles it is widely believed that in Britain today mobility is in decline. However, this belief appearsExpand
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Measuring State Partisanship and Ideology with Survey Data
The study of state politics has suffered because of the lack of good data on major political orientations at the state level. This paper briefly discusses this problem and the need for survey-basedExpand
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Campaign Spending and Incumbency: An Alternative Simultaneous Equations Approach
This paper estimates the effects of incumbent spending and challenger spending in U.S. House elections in the 1970s and 1980s. The paper employs FIML simultaneous equations analysis involvingExpand
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The Influence of Newspaper Endorsements in Presidential Elections: The Case of 1964
This paper estimates the influence of newspaper endorsements on voting behavior in presidential elections. The analysis focuses on the impact of newspaper endorsements in the 1964 presidentialExpand
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