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The Importance of Authenticity for Self and Society
The transition from industrial to postindustrial society and from modern to postmodern culture has led to increased interest in authenticity. Such interest is widespread not only among those studying
Why emotion work matters: sex, gender, and the division of household labor
Attempting to explain why biological sex remains the primary predictor of household labor allocation, gender theorists have suggested that husbands and wives perform family work in ways that
Emotional labor, burnout, and inauthenticity: Does gender matter?
A number of researchers have examined the conditions under which individuals perform emotional labor and the effects of such labor on psychological well-being. Much of this research has been limited
Reconceptualizing Family Work: The Effect of Emotion Work on Perceptions of Marital Quality.
Cette analyse s'inscrit dans le cadre de l'etude de l'impact du travail familial des maris et des epouses sur leur bien-etre personnel et conjugal. Afin de mieux comprendre la relation entre division
Emotional display rules as work unit norms: a multilevel analysis of emotional labor among nurses.
Using a sample of registered nurses working in different units of a hospital system, the first empirical evidence that display rules can be represented as shared, unit-level beliefs is provided, and it is found that unit- level display rules are associated with individual-level job satisfaction.
Why Emotions Matter: Age, Agitation, and Burnout Among Registered Nurses
The need for increased awareness of the emotional demands facing today’s nursing workforce as well as the need for more experienced nurses to serve as emotional mentors to those just entering the profession is suggested.
Inauthenticity and Depression
Interactive service jobs are an increasingly important feature of the occupational landscape. Despite over a decade of rising employment within this segment of the economy, researchers are only
The Consequences of Caring: Exploring the Links Between Women's Job and Family Emotion Work
Sociologists of emotion have examined the ways that workers are required to manage their emotions on the job, while studies of family emotion work reveal the effort involved in providing emotional ...
“I Can Never Be Too Comfortable”: Race, Gender, and Emotion at the Hospital Bedside
How race and gender shape nurses’ emotion practice is examined by using audio diaries collected from a racially diverse sample to capture emotion as a situationally emergent and complex feature of nursing practice.
The relations of daily task accomplishment satisfaction with changes in affect: a multilevel study in nurses.
Results supported almost all of the proposed effects, though the cross-level interactions were observed only for the effects of indirect care task accomplishment satisfaction on affect and not for direct care task accomplishments satisfaction on affects.