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Collodion Baby Concomitant with Congenital Hypothyroidism: A Patient Report and Review of the Literature
Collodion baby is a rare congenital disorder resembling harlequin fetus but is milder in degree. Although it has been reported that harlequin fetus is associated with kidney abnormalities, malignantExpand
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Early diagnosed intramural ectopic pregnancy associated with adenomyosis: report of an unusual case.
Intramural pregnancy is the rarest type of ectopic pregnancy and almost always is diagnosed intraoperatively. It constitutes less than 1% of ectopic pregnancies and the world literature contains onlyExpand
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Phytoremediation of landfill leachate using Pennisetum clandestinum.
Landfills are still the most widely used solid waste disposal method used across the world. Leachate generated from landfill areas exerts environmental risks mostly on surface and groundwater, withExpand
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Nitric oxide level in children with pulmonary hypertension.
Nitric oxide is a gas and free radical, which modulates pulmonary and vascular tone. Pulmonary vascular endothelial cell produce the nitric oxide. To define the relation between nitric oxide andExpand
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Applicability of leachates originating from solid-waste landfills for irrigation in landfill restoration projects.
Since, landfill areas are still the most widely used solid waste disposal method across the world, leachate generated from landfills should be given importance. Leachate of landfills exertsExpand
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Use of sewage sludge in growth media for ornamental plants and its effects on growth and heavy metal accumulation
Sewage sludge is a thick sludge of solid materials which settle out from wastewater during the treatment process, whether the wastewater is being moved through a home septic system or a commercialExpand
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A holistic management of waste landfills in Mediterranean city: The case study of Antalya Kizilli
The current operational practices in municipal solid waste landfills negatively impact environment due to uncontrolled land filling and other problems associated with solid waste disposal inExpand
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