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Framing: Toward Clarification of a Fractured Paradigm
  • R. Entman
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • 1 December 1993
Reaching this goal would require a more self-con- scious determination by communication scholars to plumb other fields and feed back their studies to outside researchers, and enhance the theoretical rigor of communication scholarship proper.
Framing Bias: Media in the Distribution of Power
This article proposes integrating the insights generated by framing, priming, and agenda-setting research through a systematic effort to conceptualize and understand their larger implications for
Cascading Activation: Contesting the White House's Frame After 9/11
President Bush's initial frame for the attacks of September 11, 2001, overwhelmingly dominated the news. Using that frame as a springboard, this article advances a coherent conception of framing
Projections of power : framing news, public opinion, and U.S. foreign policy
  • R. Entman
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • 15 December 2003
Robert M. Entman develops a powerful new model of how media framing works-a model that allows him to explain why the media cheered American victories over small-time dictators in Grenada and Panama but barely noticed the success of far more difficult missions in Haiti and Kosovo.
Political Disagreement: The Survival of Diverse Opinions within Communication Networks
Political Disagreement: The Survival of Diverse Opinions Within Communication Networks. Robert Huckfeldt, Paul E. Johnson, and John Sprague. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004. 270 pp. $70
Democracy without Citizens: Media and the Decay of American Politics
  • R. Entman
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 23 March 1989
This is an analysis of the failure of the interaction between the news media and their audiences to create the democratic potential everyone assumes occurs with such interaction. Drawing
Modern racism and the images of blacks in local television news
Assessing the role of television in mediating cultural change, this paper hypothesizes that local television news simultaneously depresses the legitimacy of old‐fashioned racism (beliefs that blacks
Blacks in the News: Television, Modern Racism and Cultural Change
Local news may be one vehicle through which television helps, inadvertently, both to preserve and to transform cultural values. Content analysis on the evening news on four Chicago television
Theorizing Mediated Public Diplomacy: The U.S. Case
The field of public diplomacy has lacked theoretical frameworks to guide research and practice. This article is an attempt to supply a potentially useful theoretical model. The cascading network