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Corneal staining: A new PATH ahead?
When contact lenses are soaked overnight in MPS, preservatives such as polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), polyquaternium-1 (PQ-1), and myristamidopropyl dimethylamine (Aldox) are absorbed into the
Back to Basics: Non-Surgical Therapies for Recurrent Corneal Erosions
Conservative management has been shown to be successful; however, patients with anterior basement membrane dystrophy are more likely to fail with prophylaxis than patients with RCE from trauma.
Endotoxin-neutralizing protein.
Back to basics: An update in ophthalmic anti-infectives
This latest group of anti-infectives offers an increased ocular surface contact time, the future of ophthalmic drug delivery may lie in the use of contact lenses.