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Predictions for the rates of compact binary coalescences observable by ground-based gravitational-wave detectors
We present an up-to-date, comprehensive summary of the rates for all types of compact binary coalescence sources detectable by the initial and advanced versions of the ground-based gravitational-wave
The Pierre Auger Collaboration
The Pierre Auger Collaboration has reported evidence for anisotropies in the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energies larger thanEth = 55 EeV. There is a correlation above the isotropic
The Monte Carlo Event Generator DPMJET-III
A new version of the Monte Carlo event generator DPMJET is presented. It is a code system based on the Dual Parton Model and unifies all features of the DTUNUC-2, DPMJET-II and PHOJET1.12 event
Photoproduction within the two-component Dual Parton Model: Amplitudes and cross sections
In the framework of the Dual Parton Model an approximation scheme to describe high energy photoproduction processes is presented. Based on the distinction between direct, resolved soft, and resolved
Correlation of the highest energy cosmic rays with nearby extragalactic objects
Using data collected at the Pierre Auger Observatory during the past 3.7 years, we demonstrate that there is a correlation between the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energy above {approx} 6 x
Neutrinos from propagation of ultrahigh-energy protons
We present a calculation of the production of neutrinos during propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays from their astrophysical sources to us. Photoproduction interactions are modeled with the