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Strategic Brand Management
Strategic Brand Management, 3e uniquely analyses the social and cultural aspects of brand strategy and its influence on consumer perceptions around the world. Written by experts in the field, it isExpand
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Brands as symbolic resources for the construction of identity
The search for self-identity is a key determinant of postmodern consumption so it is essential for marketers to understand the concept and dynamics of self, the symbolic meaning of goods and the roleExpand
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The Marketplace Management of Illicit Pleasure
Through pleasure, a foundational concept in consumer behavior, we offer an analysis of the history, development, and experience of clubbing, the postcursor of rave and the contextual focus of thisExpand
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Existential consumption and irrational desire
In postmodernity, consumption is a prime site for the negotiation of conflicting themes of freedom and control. Explores the consumption of symbolic meaning through five consumption dialectics: theExpand
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Working Weeks, Rave Weekends: Identity Fragmentation and the Emergence of New Communities
Popular music is one of the most ubiquitous forms of contemporary culture. This paper looks at the phenomenon known as rave or dance culture in Britain. It examines the nature of the consumerExpand
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Fashion involvement, self‐monitoring and the meaning of brands
This study considers the importance of fashion involvement in the interpretation of brands of jeans as measured by Snyder’s revised self‐monitoring scale, which discriminates between people who areExpand
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Identity, consumption and narratives of socialization
In this paper we contribute to current debates concerning the relationship between identity and consumption. We use people's past consumption of music, embodied in their old records, as an archive ofExpand
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The Social Uses of Advertising: An Ethnographic Study of Adolescent Advertising Audiences
Advertising research has focused exclusively on the solitary subject at the expense of understanding the role that advertising plays within the social contexts of group interaction. We develop aExpand
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Understanding Consumption: Contributions from a Narrative Perspective
In this paper we outline the contribution of a narrative perspective for theory and method in consumer research. Narratives are considered to be a fundamental way by which we structure and thereforeExpand
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Idealized images of the male body in advertising: a reader‐response exploration
This study used an interpretative methodology for exploring men's reactions to the representation of male bodies in advertising, particularly when men are portrayed in a sexual or naked pose andExpand
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