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Observation of parity–time symmetry in optics
One of the fundamental axioms of quantum mechanics is associated with the Hermiticity of physical observables 1 . In the case of the Hamiltonian operator, this requirement not only implies realExpand
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Optical solitons in PT periodic potentials
We investigate the effect of nonlinearity in novel parity-time (PT) symmetric potentials. We show that new types of nonlinear self-trapped modes can exist in optical PT synthetic lattices.
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Theory of coupled optical PT-symmetric structures.
Starting from Lagrangian principles we develop a formalism suitable for describing coupled optical parity-time symmetric systems.
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Unidirectional nonlinear PT-symmetric optical structures
We show that nonlinear optical structures involving a balanced gain-loss profile can act as unidirectional optical valves. This is made possible by exploiting the interplay between the fundamentalExpand
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Beam dynamics in PT symmetric optical lattices.
The possibility of parity-time (PT) symmetric periodic potentials is investigated within the context of optics. Beam dynamics in this new type of optical structures is examined in detail for bothExpand
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Enhanced sensitivity at higher-order exceptional points
Non-Hermitian degeneracies, also known as exceptional points, have recently emerged as a new way to engineer the response of open physical systems, that is, those that interact with the environment.Expand
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Non-Hermitian physics and PT symmetry
In recent years, notions drawn from non-Hermitian physics and parity–time (PT) symmetry have attracted considerable attention. In particular, the realization that the interplay between gain and lossExpand
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Analytical solutions to a class of nonlinear Schrödinger equations with {\cal PT} -like potentials
We present closed form solutions to a certain class of one- and two-dimensional nonlinear Schr¨ odinger equations involving potentials with broken and unbroken PT symmetry. In the one-dimensionalExpand
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Optical Solitons in PT Periodic Potentials
We investigate the effect of nonlinearity on beam dynamics in parity-time (PT) symmetric potentials. We show that a novel class of one- and two-dimensional nonlinear self-trapped modes can exist inExpand
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PT -symmetric optical lattices
The basic properties of Floquet-Bloch (FB) modes in parity-time (PT)-symmetric optical lattices are examined in detail. Due to the parity-time symmetry of such complex periodic potentials, theExpand
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