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No Longer The Pristine Confines of the World Ocean: A Survey of Exotic Marine Species in the Southwestern Atlantic
A comprehensive survey of existing knowledge about exotic marine organisms introduced to the southwestern Atlantic Ocean, including coastal and shelf areas of Uruguay and Argentina, presents a comprehensive picture of recorded introductions and some prominent ecological consequences. Expand
Artificial ecosystem selection.
It is shown that the properties of whole ecosystems can also be shaped by artificial selection procedures, demonstrating an important role for complex interactions in evolution and challenging a widespread belief that selection is most effective at lower levels of the biological hierarchy. Expand
First survey of macroinfauna in the Mar del Plata Harbor (Argentina), and the use of polychaetes as pollution indicators
This work analyzes spatial variation of macroinfauna, with special emphasis in polychaete abundance, to characterize the environmental health of Mar del Plata Harbor, and finds polychaetes are useful pollution indicators in this harbor. Expand
Assessing pollution in coastal ecosystems: a preliminary survey using the micronucleus test in the mussel Mytilus edulis.
The micronucleus test in Mytilidae, here revealed to be sensitive enough to monitor urban pollution, is proposed for routine surveys of pollution as a bioindicator of choice for coastal ecosystems. Expand
Effect of the invader Boccardia proboscidea (Polychaeta: Spionidae) on richness, diversity and structure of SW Atlantic epilithic intertidal community.
The associated fauna, formerly rich and diverse in impacted sites, shows a tendency to disappear as the ecosystem engineer Brachidontes rodriguezii is replaced by monocultures of B. proboscidea. Expand
Species of Terebellides from South Atlantic waters off Argentina and Brazil (Polyghaeta: Trichobranchidae)
Two new species of Terebellides are described from cold-temperate waters off Argentina: T. totae from Blanca Bay and T. malvinensis from the continental shelf off Argentina. Expand
Intertidal biogenic reefs built by the polychaete Boccardia proboscidea in sewage-impacted areas of Argentina, SW Atlantic
The rocky intertidal zone around the city of Mar del Plata (SW Atlantic, 38° S–57° W) is characterized by dense mussel beds of Brachidontes rodriguezii. This intertidal community develops on naturalExpand
The Multitentaculate Cirratulidae of the Genera Cirriformia and Timarete (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Shallow Waters of Brazil
The species Timarete oculata, originally described from Brazil and lumped into the Timaretes filigera species complex, is herein revalidated and redescribed. Expand
The Dynamics of an Introduced Balanus glandula Population in the Southwestern Atlantic Rocky Shores. The Consequences on the Intertidal Community
Abstract. This paper deals with the population dynamics of the introduced barnacle Balanus glandula in a port shelter and a rocky shore exposed of a southwestern Atlantic area. Replicated areas inExpand
Reef-forming polychaetes outcompetes ecosystem engineering mussels.
A long-term monitoring coverage study was carried out on abrasion platforms of the SW Atlantic to understand changes in the functioning and the community structure of intertidal ecosystem in sewage-impacted sites. Expand