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Experimental density manipulations of the predator Tenodera, sinensis (Orthoptera: Mantidae) in an old-field community. I: Mortality, development and dispersal of juvenile mantids
(1) Field and laboratory experiments were carried out to examine the effects of density on early life-history characteristics of the mantid, Tenodera sinensis. (2) For three replicated fieldExpand
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Influence of sunlight and soil nutrients on clonal growth and sexual reproduction of the understory perennial herb Sanguinaria canadensis L.1
ation. Also, half the plots in each site were fertilized to explore effects of soil fertility on vegetative growth and sexual reproduction. Plants from a third high-light site were used in a pottingExpand
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Cannibalism reverses male-biased sex ratio in adult mantids: female strategy against food limitation?
Adult populations of the mantid, Tenodera sinensis (Saussure) initially were malebiased, but females outnumbered males by the end of the life cycle because mortality was higher among males than amongExpand
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Ecological Consequences of Food Limitation for Adult Mantids (Tenodera ardifolia sinensis Saussure)
Comparative studies between adult mantids (Tenodera ardifolia sinensis) in field populations and cohorts maintained in the laboratory on ad lib. diets suggest that females in field populations wereExpand
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The Regulation of Density in a Natural Population of the Pond Snail, Lymnaea Elodes
The role and mechanisms of density regulation were studied in a natural population of the pond snail, Lymnaea elodes, in a small permanent pond in southern Michigan. A portion of the snail's habitatExpand
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Two‐Dimensional Microdistribution or Cellular Slime Molds in Forest Soil
Four sample series consisting of 101 small samples (x wet wt = 0.2 g) of forest soil were examined for the presence of cellular slime molds. Although each sample series contained 5 cellular slimeExpand
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Arthropod Community Responses to Manipulation of a Bitrophic Predator Guild
We used replicated field enclosures to manipulate population densities of two species of bitrophic predators in a terrestrial old—field community: a mantid (Tenodera sinensis), and a wolf spiderExpand
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Divergent Selection for Geotactic Response and Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in Sympatric and Allopatric Populations of Houseflies
Experimental populations of houseflies subjected to 95% selective pressure for geotactic preference under conditions of 50% potential gene flow and of allopatry evolved reproductive isolation afterExpand
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