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Bimatrix variate distributions of Wishart ratios with application
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Platelet hyperactivity and fibrin clot structure in transient ischemic attack individuals in the presence of metabolic syndrome: a microscopy and thromboelastography® study
BackgroundStrokes are commonly preceded by transient ischemic attacks (TIAs). TIA is often associated with metabolic syndrome (causing chronic inflammation), resulting in a proinflammatory- andExpand
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Increased risk of suicide in schizophrenia patients with linkage to chromosome 13q
We link schizophrenia in families from the genetically isolated South African Afrikaner population to chromosome 13q (n =51), 1p (n =23) and combined 13q & 1p (n =18). Patients with linkages toExpand
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Advancing paternal age at birth is associated with poorer social functioning earlier and later in life of schizophrenia patients in a founder population
Consistent associations have been found between advanced paternal age and an increased risk of psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, in their offspring. This increase appears to be linear asExpand
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An endometrial histomorphometric study of CD56+ natural killer cells in women with unexplained infertility
Background . The number of peripheral blood and endometrial natural killer cells varies greatly during implantation and the first trimester of pregnancy and is thought to play a role in theExpand
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The enriched triply noncentral bivariate beta type V distribution is introduced. This distribution is constructed from independent chi-squared random variables by using the variables-in-common (orExpand
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Phenotypic features of patients with schizophrenia carrying de novo gene mutations: A pilot study
Genome-wide scans have revealed a significant role for de novo copy number variants (CNVs) and Single Nucleotide variants (SNVs) in the genetic architecture of schizophrenia. The present studyExpand
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Probleemgebaseerde benadering tot wiskunde in graad 9 en 11 in die Limpopo-provinsie
Problem-based approach to mathematics in grades 9 and 11 in the Limpopo Province Teachers of schools in the central region of the Limpopo Province of South Africa received training in a problem-basedExpand
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Estimation of multilevel models with iterative generalised least squares
In this paper the focus will be to get a better understanding of multilevel analysis and the iterative generalised least squares (IGLS) procedure by making use of matrix methods. The basic philosophyExpand
Maximum likelihood estimation procedures for categorical data