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Wittgenstein : mind and language
Preface R. Egidi. Wittgenstein and the Twentieth Century G.H. von Wright. Part I: Science, Mind, and Metaphysics. Wittgenstein on Philosophy and Science D. Pears. Wittgenstein on Mind and MetaphysicsExpand
What is Practical Knowledge? Christoph Lumer, University of Siena
In this paper practical knowledge is first defined and then identified. The concept of knowledge itself is not discussed but presupposed, the paper's topic rather is what kind of knowledge isExpand
Marty’s Theory of Space
Marty’s accounts of space and of time were published in 1916, two years after his death, in the volume Raum und Zeit.1 They belong to the last period of his work and, together with materials for theExpand
[Sonography of the thyroid gland in childhood].
[Sonography of the thyroid gland in children].
The total volume of the thyroid gland is 1.2/1.0 ccm in male/female newborns; it increases with age up to 7.4 ccm in boys and 7.5 ccm in girls (13-16 years). The relation of total thyroid volume andExpand
[Neonatal diabetes mellitus and microcephaly. Indications for autosomal recessive inheritance].
Still, there are a lot of questions about the pathogenesis of neonatal diabetes mellitus. In the author's opinion neonatal diabetes mellitus is a distinct entity which differs from the well-knownExpand
In search of a new humanism : the philosophy of Georg Henrik von Wright
Introduction R. Egidi. I: Von Wright Interpreter of Wittgenstein and Analytic Tradition. Wittgenstein and Tradition G.H. Von Wright. Wittgenstein and Our Times C. Penco. What is AnalyticalExpand
Von Wright’s Philosophical Humanism
Among the different topics that have marked the intersection of analytical thinking and other philosophical perspectives, such as phenomenology, hermeneutics, and pragmatism, “the study of man” isExpand
Fostering the Ontological Turn