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A new Berriasian species of Goniopholis (Mesoeucrocodylia, Neosuchia) from England, and a review of the genus
A new species, Goniopholis kiplingi sp. nov., based on an exceptionally preserved skull from the Lower Cretaceous of England is described in detail. It shows great similarity with Goniopholis simusExpand
China's embedded activism : opportunities and constraints of a social movement
1: Introduction: Embedded Activism and Political Change in a Semi-Authoritarian Context Peter Ho 2. Self-imposed Censorship and De-politicized Politics in China: Green Activism or a Color Revolution?Expand
Managing the Chinese environment.
  • R. Edmonds
  • Economics
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1 May 2002
In the coming decades environmental issues will play an increasing role in China's economic development drive, internal politics, legal development, international relations, and regional developmentExpand
Reluctant Exiles? Migration from Hong Kong and the New Overseas Chinese
The "Hong Kong Becoming China" multi-volume series is published for an international readership. It aims to provide both expert analysis and the documentary basis for an informed understanding ofExpand
China's Land Resources, Environment and Agricultural Production
Success in agriculture depends on many factors embracing the natural environment, economic and demographic policy, institutions and technology. China's agricultural resource endowment has longExpand
Patterns of China's Lost Harmony : A Survey of the Country's Environmental Degradation and Protection
The pace of environmental degradation in China has intensified in recent decades. With rapid demographic and economic growth, the current state of degradation has antecedents beginning hundreds ofExpand
Perspectives of Time and Change
China's burgeoning civil society has often been characterized as state-led or corporatist. However, these concepts fail to capture the current dynamics of Chinese social activism, as they cannotExpand