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Island radiation on a continental scale: Exceptional rates of plant diversification after uplift of the Andes
Species radiations provide unique insights into evolutionary processes underlying species diversification and patterns of biodiversity. To compare plant diversification over a similar time period toExpand
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Multiple continental radiations and correlates of diversification in Lupinus (Leguminosae): testing for key innovation with incomplete taxon sampling.
Replicate radiations provide powerful comparative systems to address questions about the interplay between opportunity and innovation in driving episodes of diversification and the factors limitingExpand
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A prioritized crop wild relative inventory to help underpin global food security
The potentially devastating impacts of climate change on biodiversity and food security, together with the growing world population, means taking action to conserve crop wild relative (CWR) diversityExpand
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Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: A Global Initiative to Collect, Conserve, and Use Crop Wild Relatives
The main objective of the“Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change” project is to collect and protect the genetic diversity of a portfolio of plants with the characteristics required for adapting theExpand
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Global conservation priorities for crop wild relatives
The wild relatives of domesticated crops possess genetic diversity useful for developing more productive, nutritious and resilient crop varieties. However, their conservation status and availabilityExpand
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From famine to feast? Selecting nuclear DNA sequence loci for plant species-level phylogeny reconstruction
Phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences have prompted spectacular progress in assembling the Tree of Life. However, progress in constructing phylogenies among closely related species, at least forExpand
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To what extent are threatened European plant species conserved in seed banks
The number of ex situ conservation facilities has grown dramatically in recent years, and they have become increasingly integrated under national and regional conservation initiatives. However,Expand
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Diversity and evolutionary history of lupins - insights from new phylogenies.
Insights into the diversity and evolutionary and biogeographical history of lupins have been limited by confusion about species delimitation, conflicting nomenclature, as well as sparse sampling andExpand
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State of the world\'s plants - 2016
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Lost crops of the Incas: Origins of domestication of the Andean pulse crop tarwi, Lupinus mutabilis.
PREMISE OF THE STUDY The Andean highlands are a hotspot of domestication, yet our understanding of the origins of early Andean agriculture remains fragmentary. Key questions of where, when, how manyExpand
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