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Method for Use in Studies of Insect Chemical Communication
INTEREST in the possibility of using behaviour-inducing chemicals to assist in the control of insect pests has stimulated efforts to isolate, identify and synthesize insect pheromones and food andExpand
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A study of the thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria of solutions of polyisobutene in n-pentane
Abstract The thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria have been studied for samples of polyisobutene of mean molecular weights from 250 to 2 250 000 in solution in n -pentane. The followingExpand
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Radiation-induced Defects in Lead Silicate Glass
IN attempts to explain the process of coloration of glass by γ-radiation, it was suggested in a previous communication1 that electrons are trapped in defects to form colour centres. Not only do theseExpand
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A modified beam stiffness matrix for interconnected shear walls
Abstract In the stiffness analysis of plane interconnected shear walls, it is convenient to specify the degrees of freedom at nodal positions defined by the intersection of the centroidal axis ofExpand
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