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Intact and photomodified polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons inhibit photosynthesis in natural assemblages of Lake Erie phytoplankton exposed to solar radiation.
Recently, there has been a trend toward less turbid water and greater light penetration in parts of western Lake Erie. This could lead to greater phototoxicity from sediment-bound polycyclic aromaticExpand
Ultraviolet radiation and photosynthesis by Georgian Bay phytoplankton of varying nutrient and photoadaptive status
The photosynthesis-irradiance responses of phytoplankton from Georgian Bay (Laurentian Great Lakes) were measured in 1993 to determine the influence of ultraviolet-B (UV-B, 290-320 nm) radiation andExpand
Assessment and prediction of the impacts of the Ok Tedi copper mine on fish catches in the Fly River system, Papua New Guinea
The Ok Tedi copper mine discharges overburden and ore residues into the Ok Tedi, a tributary of the Fly River. These discharges result in elevated suspended solids and dissolved and particulateExpand
Coexistence of Seeders and Sprouters in a Fire-Prone Environment: the Role of Ecophysiology and Soil Moisture
The wide variety of flowering plant species that occur in fynbos communities can be divided into two broad categories on the basis of their mode of regeneration after fire: sprouters andExpand
Observations of small‐scale spatial patterns in phytoplankton populations1
The temporal and spatial distribution of phytoplankton in a shallow eutrophic marsh was studied by means of horizontal and vertical transects. Biological and chemical data showed patchiness on scalesExpand
Radio Telemetry of Heart Rate and Temperature in Fallow Deer
Abstract A transmitter is described which is capable of switching to a number of channels of information in sequence. The unit uses a timed switching circuit to link either ECG electrodes or one ofExpand
Comparison of United States and British Standard Pitot Tubes
The results shown in this report give a comprehensive comparison of the accuracy of United States and British standard pitot tubes.
Atmospheric effects on the inlet system of the YF-12 aircraft
Flights of a YF-12 airplane were performed over a wide range of operating conditions so that detailed comparisons could be made with data from tests on scale models in NASA ground facilities.Expand