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Trace Elements in Fish Overlying Subaqueous Tailings in the Tropical West Pacific
From 1972–1989, Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) dischargedmine tailings into Empress Augusta Bay on the west coast ofBougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. For a decade(1977–1987), trace elementsExpand
Geology of the Crystalline Basement Complex, Eastern Transverse Ranges, Southern California: Constraints on Regional Tectonic Interpretation
About 3000 km2 within the crystalline basement complex of the Eastern Transverse Ranges in the Chuckwalla, Orocopia, Eagle, Cottonwood, Hexie, Little San Bernardino, and Pinto Mountains of RiversideExpand
The Freshwater Ichthyofauna of Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea
The combined effects of reduced area, remote location, and the absence of ostariophysan fishes suggest severe reduction of the freshwater ichthyofauna of the Papua New Guinea island groups. Expand
Trace element concentrations in tropical marine fish at Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea
Baseline trace element concentrations have been measured in eight species of marine fish from Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. This is the first stage in an assessment of environmental impactExpand
Basin geometry and cumulative offsets in the Eastern Transverse Ranges, southern California: Implications for transrotational deformation along the San Andreas fault system
The Eastern Transverse Ranges, adjacent to and southeast of the big left bend of the San Andreas fault, southern California, form a crustal block that has rotated clockwise in response to dextralExpand
Geologic map and digital database of the Cougar Buttes 7.5' quadrangle, San Bernardino County, California
This data set maps and describes the geology of the Cougar Buttes 7.5' quadrangle, San Bernardino County, California. Created using Environmental Systems Research Institute's ARC/INFO software, theExpand
Laboratory study of wild rats
Two wild rat species, cotton rats and black rats, have proven quite suitable for laboratory behavioral research, and several sources for obtaining specimens are discussed. Expand