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Singularities in the physical region
SummaryIt is shown that a Feynman amplitude has singularities on the physical boundary if and only if the relevant Feynman diagram can be interpreted as a picture of an energy- andExpand
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Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Without Scalar Mesons
By combining the ideas of Nambu in his study of superconductivity and of Johnson, Baker, and Willey in their approach to electrodynamics we construct a gauge theory of spontaneous symmetry breakingExpand
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Within the framework of linear quantum field theories, a general study is presented of the existence and removal of runaway modes—solutions of the equations of motion which exhibit a real exponentialExpand
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Comment on the de Haas-van Alphen Effect and the Specific Heat of an Electron Gas,
Abstract : A model electron gas is studied in order to provide a microscopic justification of the Shoenberg conjecture that the harmonic content of the de Haas-van Alphen oscillations of theExpand
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Mycobacterium bovis meningitis
research like Silberstein's, hopefully with NHMRC funding. I agree that potential adverse effects should be considered whenever imaging procedures using ionising radiation are ordered, particularlyExpand
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A Medical Imaging Acoustical Holography System Using Linearized Subfringe Holographic Interferometry
Linearized subfringe interferometric holography, described in Chapter 4, has been used for detection and recording in an acoustical holography system which is presently under development at McDonnellExpand
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On the formalism of relativistic many body theory
The thermodynamic potential is constructed as an effective action functional of the various n point amplitudes (n less than or equal to 4). One of the functionals is used to obtain the equations ofExpand
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